SOLD - 2011 Panasonic OSD7 Touring Frame, Fenders, Front Rack - $450 obo

This is a 2011 Panasonic Touring (OSD7) frame, 48cm size, 700c wheels.  This is not a vintage item; it is a Japanese domestic market bike current made and sold in Japan but is not imported to the U.S.  It is a beautiful lugged frame in a glowing green.  It has a factory installed coupling system that allows you to disassemble the frame for compact shipping with only a 6mm wrench.  It is very easy to disassemble and reassemble. 

This is a serious touring bike—it has stout tubing for carrying heavy loads, and it is not light.  It has an excellent ride both loaded and unloaded.  This bike has had about 5,000 miles of use both for light touring and commuting.  Consequently, there are a number of scratches and wear marks.  There is crimping under the chain stays from a heavy-duty double kickstand.  Performance and integrity is unaffected.  There is some marking and wear marks on the rear fender. Apart from the crimping and scratches, this frame is in good shape. 

I used this with 700x35 tires with these fenders.  Without fenders, there appears to be clearance for up to 700x40 tires.  The frame uses cantilever or V-brakes. 

The frame includes the following:  newer Tange Levin headset (replaced the original, which wore out); Tange square-taper bottom bracket (110mm—worked perfectly with a Sugino XD2 triple); original alloy fenders (appear to be Honjo) with leather washers; original seat post (26.8mm diameter x 250mm, I believe); Nitto front rack with light mount that came with the frame (on the drive side, because they ride on the other side of the road in Japan); and chrome cage to protect the rear brake from a loaded saddle bag.  I have included a photo showing what it looked like built up for reference only.  Wheels, bars, stem, not included.

Sizing is show in one of the photos.  Please feel free to ask any questions.  I love this frame, but am not riding it enough and it should go to someone who will continue to put the miles on it. 

The following are the factory specifications: 



Part No.


Completed vehicle weight (frame size)

13.4kg (OSD7 530 SIZE)

Unit weight frame (frame size)

2,620 g (480 SIZE)

Frame size



Top tube

Cr-Mo φ25.4 t0.9

Down tube

Cr-Mo φ28.6 t0.9

Seat tube

Cr-Mo φ28.6 t0.9

Head tube

Cr-Mo φ31.8 t1.0

Chain stay

Hi-Ten φ22.2/13.0 t1.2

Seat stays

Hi-Ten φ14.0/12.0 t1.2

Head Parts

Tange Passage JIS (replaced with Tange Levin JIS)

BB Shell width


Bonding scheme

Cut Italian head lug

Drop Out

Straight Drop eyelet end, 135mm wide end


CR-MO φ25.4/14.0 t1.2 lost wax JIS

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Beautiful bike. I love the green color. 

Yes! that green is amazing. It is also super interesting to me to learn that Panasonic is still producing bikes. Or at least was as recently as 2011. I'm glad the frame is too small for me so that I don't have be tempted to get this gorgeous bike.

I snapped up this beauty for my wife! It was nice meeting you, Andy. Thanks for the great frame. Pictures of the built up bike to follow in the coming months.

That's awesome. Can't wait to see the pictures. 

Congratulations! I also look forward to seeing the pics.

Andy, thanks for updating the thread title! Sometimes people forget...

Here is the built up bike. It is going to be a great ride. I'll eventually have better pictures once we get it out on the trails.

Rad bike.   Those POS Panasonics are nice! The hammered fenders!

Looks great and ready for spring. Always fun to see how the bike is reimagined for a new owner. Enjoy!


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