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Planning for a Friday Morning Memorial for Neill Townsend to Raise Awareness about Dooring and Sharing the Road



The date for the memorial has been changed to FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19TH.
We will meet from 8-8:30 am at the northwest corner of Wells and Oak Streets.

Here is the link to the event page.


This is a new discussion based off of one of the threads of conversations in the discussion "Bicyclist killed at Oak & Wells Friday AM". Some folks were on board with the idea of holding a memorial on the morning of Friday, October 19th around the time the accident occurred, which would create the opportunity for it to serve as a chance to raise awareness about dooring and sharing the road at a high traffic time. Several people made good suggestions there. They are copied and pasted in a reply below.

If you have any suggestions or you're willing to help out, please comment here.

Once details have been worked out, I'll post it as an event. 

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Yeah, there is no way Rahm will come out. I think aiming for Gabe Klein but being content with Ethan or Luann Hamilton would be productive. 

Kat said:

I doubt Rahm would come out, but maybe ask your Alderman? 

I had to stop commuting by bike - sadly because I started commuting with my 2yo and didn't think Wells was safe enough for her - but I will try to be there on Friday.

Would it be possible to get a ghost bike ready in time for this memorial?

Does anyone know who designed the NYC sticker? I'm curious if they'd send over an EPS or other vector graphics file? 


Or post on cars?  Maybe that is too annoying to get the point across.

Justin B Newman said:

Do "watch for bikes" handouts already exist? (Active Trans?) It might be nice to hand something out to passers-by.

NO not to post on cars.

But to have it as design to use for any printed materials. Perhaps Chicago can join New York and get that logo recognized by more people. 

I've also made this graphic my icon profile across many social media sites. It's not a bad way to introduce this concept to your friends and circles. 

How about flyers for the parked cars along the block there to remind drivers to look before exiting on the street side? I'm thinking flyers in every car for a week or so.
Wasnt there a group doing a dooring campaign here a few years ago with stickers that said, a door killed my friend? Any of them around with their stickers as well? May be time for a sticker campaign for this, although most of the meters are gone which was where a lot of the stickers were first placed I think.
Annoying? Are you joking? Drivers get a free pass for injuring cyclists because we don't want to annoy them? I think a simple flyer under their wiper or a 3x5 card stuck in the driver side window is an appropriate reminder for motorists to be mindful of ccyclists.

Maybe we should also put flyers up all along the routes on this map where the most doorings occur:

All month.

Those stickers look great.  

I'd be willing to put flier's rubber-banded on doorknobs of houses in my neighborhood, or on cars or whatever.  Kinda like those annoying shitty food menu one's but for a good cause.  

Clint died in that same area a few blocks away 4 years ago. He was 22 years old. This has got to stop. As his mother, I can't stop speaking about this. Mayor, it is time for us to meet. A relentless, passionate mother of a precious son that never, ever wants families to be so devastated by such a senseless act. A call to action beyond what is going on is in order.


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