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Planning for a Friday Morning Memorial for Neill Townsend to Raise Awareness about Dooring and Sharing the Road



The date for the memorial has been changed to FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19TH.
We will meet from 8-8:30 am at the northwest corner of Wells and Oak Streets.

Here is the link to the event page.


This is a new discussion based off of one of the threads of conversations in the discussion "Bicyclist killed at Oak & Wells Friday AM". Some folks were on board with the idea of holding a memorial on the morning of Friday, October 19th around the time the accident occurred, which would create the opportunity for it to serve as a chance to raise awareness about dooring and sharing the road at a high traffic time. Several people made good suggestions there. They are copied and pasted in a reply below.

If you have any suggestions or you're willing to help out, please comment here.

Once details have been worked out, I'll post it as an event. 

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Thanks for doing this.  I'll bring some copies of the excellent flyer that Bliss designed.

Duppie said:

We are all set for placing a ghostbike on Friday morning. We will place it a little before 8am.

As far as the rest of the program, I will defer to others about what is being done and needed

Thank you, Duppie and Gerry for organizing the ghostbike, and for arranging for the installation of to coincide with the memorial.

I never heard back from the assistant principal at Payton, so I looked up contacts at Salazar Elementary and will email them tomorrow...or tonight, maybe. I won't be sleeping, so at some point they'll just slide into one another.

I can also look back through and find the folks who are friends of Neill and Clint's mom and email them to see if they or the family want to say a few words.

As for stuff to be printed and brought: 
I think Kristy Lapidus said her boss was going to let her print copies of the quarter page flyer there, and Bliss had offered to print some. (Thanks again to the two of you for designing these!)

I suggest that anyone who can go ahead and print up a few of the quarter pagers, cut 'em to the right size and bring 'em along. Here's the link Bliss provided to the two page pdf version- remember to print so that the fact sheet is on the back of the visual.

What to wear:

Not sure. Perhaps we could wear black arm bands? We could keep them on all day.

Maybe it would be good to come up with an agenda so that we know how things will proceed. I'll put something together once I get in touch with the friends and family of Neill and Clint and will post it on the event page.

Clint's mom here.  Not sure what to say if I speak at the memorial but I will think about it.  Love to you all.


Have you been able to diffuse some of the expense of the stickers?

If someone is collecting at the memorial for the cost of stickers, I'm willing to contribute.

I would also be happy to diffuse the expenses incurred.  It is just great that all of you are doing this.

I printed:

  • 100 of the full-page design geared more toward what the consequences are for drivers.
  • 30 of the full-page design that offers solutions for all depending upon whether the person is driving or biking at the moment
  • 20 of the full-page flyers letting people know about the memorial. I have been handing those out to bikers I see on the streets. People have been very receptive.

I think the full-page design that is geared toward all instead of just drivers is the better of the two. I've attached it here if anyone wants to print more of those.

Cameron Puetz said:

I would also be happy help diffuse some of the costs. How many people have printed fliers? If we're still short I'll make a Kinko's run tomorrow.

Brendan Kevenides said:

I would also be happy to diffuse the expenses incurred.  It is just great that all of you are doing this.


I hope that we get a good turnout tomorrow.

a group of us will be riding from the north around Lawrence and Clark if anyone wants to join.  Firming up time.

if anyone wants to ride down together, a group of us are meeting at 7:15 at dunkin donuts on lawrence and hermitage.

Bring raincoats, but still come out!! Showers predicted all night and morning...

Absolutely still come! Wear raincoats and reflective gear and have your head and tail lights going. It's only about a 50% chance for showers, so here's hoping it holds off.

Jim Walsh from the RedEye emailed me to get the details for the memorial to post it on their site. For which they apparently got copy written and up in just about 5 minutes. Here's the posting.

The counselor from Salazar Elementary emailed me back earlier this week and said that she thought it would be good to involve their students, but I'm not sure if they decided to for certain to join us. I didn't hear back from Payton.

I will be there.  Thanks, Julie.

Julie Hochstadter said:

if anyone wants to ride down together, a group of us are meeting at 7:15 at dunkin donuts on lawrence and hermitage.


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