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This seems like a forum with enough sophisticated bikers who might have an answer to this question:  I was biking along the Fox River Trail recently with a guest rider who wanted to know what the percent grade is on the segment where it climbs to the South from river level to the top at Villa Maria Road, adjacent to the Tekakwitha Forest Preserve.  I looked around the Web and at topo maps, but was unable to find anything accurate enough to calculate this.  Anyone who has accurate GPS equipment or has access to survey information who knows the answer?

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There are a lot of entries on Map My Ride. I recommend putting the trail into the search and going through the different sections to find the area you are looking for. Hope that helps!

According to my Garmin from last week.

Tekakwitha Hill

6.7 % max

564 ft. el. at River 656 el. at top of hill

4/10 of a mile long.


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