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FOUND: Divvy key at Clinton & Jackson dock by Union Station

Send me a message with the key number if you think it's yours and I can give it back to you.

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Call Divvy?  Maybe they will give you an address to drop it off at and mail it to the owner?

Please contact us at 1-855-55-DIVVY (553-4889) as quickly as possible to deactivate your Divvy key and prevent fraudulent use, as well as to obtain a new key. You will be charged a replacement fee of $10. Any overtime, service, damage or stolen bike fees incurred by your key before you have reported it as stolen will be your responsibility.

I hope they would not give me an address.

Would it make sense to turn it in to Divvy? Could they get it back to the owner?

I found a key before. Divvy gave me a phone number of the owner. Called the owner and sent the key in an envelope through the mail to their address. Worked really well!

I found a set of keys in the fall, and the only thing with any sort of identifying feature on it was a Divvy key.  I called Divvy and gave them the account number.  They pulled up his info, and asked if they could share my phone number with him.  About half an hour later, the guy called me.  We discussed a meet-up point, and I rode over and gave them directly to him.

So yes, call Divvy.  Or if there are any other membership cards (like a gym or grocery card) try that as well.

Thanks for everyone's help. I called Divvy and they called the owner. Owner and key will soon be reunited.


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