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FOUND: Unlocked/abandoned black single speed at the bus stop near Potomac and Damen. May be a case of owner had one too many and lost track of bike. Shoot me more of a description especially particularly distinguishing features and we can arrange for return.

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It may have fall off a truck full of bikes? 

Sorry, that's not it.

Eh, it was worth a shot.

Black/silver Miyata 110 (maybe 112?) from the 80s, my son and I single-speeded it, stolen from a garage while he was at a party.  I probably have a picture of it.

Sorry not a Miyata.

I think I lost a Scattante over there... pretty sure it was black.  Is that it?

No, not a Scat bike...

Can I play? 

I bet it's a SE bike!

What do I win?

I lost a black single speed with a sticker on it.

Come on, you have to say you lost it.
Next time you're disqualified.

Paul Fitz, Scrabblor said:

Can I play? 

I bet it's a SE bike!

What do I win?

Is it bigger than a baby's arm?



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