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Hi all, 

For an upcoming tech article I'm trying to gather stories and pictures from people who have experienced catastrophic rim failure. If you would be so kind, show a picture and explain what happened when the failure occurred in the comments below.

What I'm really badly looking for is an image of a rim that exploded from the inside (they do that sometimes, I'll explain why in the article)

Here's a blurry example:" class="align-left" width="1527" height="1146"/>


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I have a set of rims that are too worn to use outdoors anymore. But I stopped using them before they were in danger of failing. I'm only using them on my trainer and rollers now.

Now I'm not advocating that you put those wheels on and pump your tires to 150psi and then go screaming down a huge cobble stoned hill over and over while riding the brakes until something happens. But if you did it would really help me out. ;-)

You'd have better luck calling bike repair shops, they see everything.

Scott, your link above not working (for me)?

I have no 'exploded' rim pictures of my own, and it never happened to me, except a loud exploding tube on a hot summer day. BOOM !

I found this picture from a search online. . . .

If you try copying and pasting the entire link above rather than clicking on it, it works.

Thanks George! I didn't use the hyperlink but was able to copy/paste into my browser. That's exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for!

That's a good picture. thanks for the link!



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