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ever been chased by a dog? (or- when animals attack!)

I got chased last week Tuesday on Warren Street going east toward Albany. Not sure if it was a stray - looked well fed, more like a pet that might've got loose. A little yapper dog.

It's still somewhat terrifying- I gotta wonder if I get caught at the light does it want to bite me. I don't want to kick it or run over it. I don't want it to get hit by a car.

Luckily I caught the green light and outpaced it.

Once before in Costa Rica I was chased by dogs. In Costa Rica dogs run free a bit more and seem to be treated more like rugged farm animals than spoiled house pets. It was pretty terrifying then too because these were big dogs. I just sped past them up this hill... And then had to repeat my evasive maneuvers on the way back.

I've also gotten attacked by a mama bird when getting too close to a nest, while biking- but that's a whole nother story altogether.

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Once by a dog that stopped at the edge of its property. Once by a coyote and I'm still nervous at dusk because of that incident.

You were chased by a coyote?   I encounter them with some regularity and have found them to be pretty fearful of people--mostly seeing them run off in the opposite direction as fast as they can. 

I have seen coyotes on the LFT and Belmont (it might have been the same one, but those encounters happened months apart). Twice it was in full daylight, with runners and cyclists all around, and that thing was just running parallel to the trail like your pet dog. Didn't look scared or anything.

It was weird. He was kinda hiding by a house I was rounding a curve and at first I was moving somewhat toward him and I slowed to get a better look. I was on the right hand side of the street and he was to my left across the street next to a house (so he was relatively close). As I rounded the corner I was then moving slowly away, I made a loud exclamation because I was a bit awestruck "No S_ _ T!" He immediately looked directly at me and started bounding towards me. I pedaled faster and turned back to see his furry mass gaining on me. I just poured it on after that and didn't look back until I'd made a couple of turns and passed a guy walking a small dog. "I've just gotta be faster than that guy now" I thought...

oops!, posted that before, thanks for reminding me Tom A.K.

Weird thing is I had thought I did but a search did not return my post!

Agreed.  Have been chased often along rail yards.  Enough that I fashioned a little whip from a piece of garden hose and clothesline. Don't have to hit the dog.  When the line pops over its head it will go elsewhere.  Takes practice though. Once was charged from the side by a pit bull.  I clipped out and raised my foot to stomp it and it retreated. Also if you have room as the dog approaches from behind switch back and forth across its face a few times to make the dog change course.  It will soon run out of gas.

I was chased by a dog and managed to get away by going faster than the dog. I've heard water bottles are very effective (and safe for the dog). I regularly pass this leashed dog in their backyard and live in fear of the dog breaking free. It has a really mean bark. I've heard this is a big issue in the South with dogs running free. 

I was on a gravel road, when a dog wanted to make acquaintances with me, so going faster than it was impossible. It might not even have any bad intentions (probably was just bored laying all day by the driveway entrance to some farm), but you never know for sure. When voice commands didn't work and I felt it's nose on my left leg, I stopped. It ran back few feet and growled. Uh-oh... Luckily, a car caught up with me and the dog switched it's attention to it, allowing me to escape.

I got chased last winter.
I'd love to hear more discussion on this topic.

You definitely don't want to hit one, especially with the front wheel as you'll probably go over the bars if you're going very fast.  They will often cross right in front of you.  Dogs caused the only falls I remember on our local group ride.  We used to ride by a place that had 5 or 6, and they would all come out on the road to chase us.

Not really a healthy gesture.

Great. If my dog ever has some type of allergy or isn't feeling well I always give them a dose of benadryl. I have learned that it is safe for dogs in small doses.


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