I heard that the police are going to step up enforcement on chicago bike lanes. What do we have to do to get the police to step up enforcement of jaywalkers waiting in the Dearborn bike lane to cross the street? I'm sick of it!

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Or anywhere near the Metra on Clinton. In the evenings Metra commuters are in a fugue state, getting to the train is the only thing that matters. I've had people who I've seen crossing the street walk right in front of me, even if I've been yelling heads up heads up and dinging the crap out of my bell. Zombies. 

The new Randolph lane overbythere is a disaster.  The city had the brilliant notion that, between Canal and Clinton, the lane should run on the sidewalk.  (Because god forbid cars only get 3 lanes under the viaduct.)  This comes as a surprise to Metra commuters who stand in the middle of the bike lane while waiting for the light to change. 

Well, call the police! I'm sure that they will rush from the southside after writing tickets for biking on the sidewalk and give those pedestrians a tongue lashing! LOL

Schools have crossing guards to keep kids safe and from crossing when we shouldn't. Perhaps the city should hire crossing guards for the dearborn bike lane since kids are better behaved!

When I'm too in a hurry to be polite I use the air horn. It's mostly used on Kinzie going east.

Of course it is blasted at a good distance so as not to scare the pedestrians badly.


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