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eBikeling e-bike Conversion Kit - $200 (Originally $700)

I recently upgraded to a 250-watt Swytch e-wheel and now have a spare ebikeling 500-watt, 700c, front wheel with a 36V, 12,8AH battery
It comes with everything that was included with the original purchase, except twist ties. I painted the battery black so it would stand out less. It is set up for disc brakes.

I purchased it in February 2022 and put around 250 miles on it. The battery is good for approx. 20 -30 mile bike ride, depending on the power setting. Overall, it weighs around 40 LBS (wheel, battery, and controller) and can get up to 28-30 MPH, which is more power than I needed. I'm located in South Evanston.
TL;DR: Two-year-old e-bike conversion kit, great condition, only 250 miles on it, originally purchased for $700.

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I've made a referral. That's a very deep discount!

Thanks! I could try to get more out of it but it is a lot of tech I don’t want to see wasted. (Or sitting in our guest room collecting dust.)

It is a beast. On power setting 5 (out of 10) I could get up to 28 mph, which was fun but unnecessary. I usually kept it at 2 and 3 for 18-20 mph. It would be great on a cargo or delivery bike. 


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