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11-15-18 Update - Large Percentage of Divvy Fleet Missing! Serious Loss Problems for Chicago's Bike Share 7-12-18

Divvy should consider adding an easily identifiable bike numbering system in order to assist authorities in determining the status of their fleet. 

The News Corner:

Serious Loss Problems for Divvy

"Locking systems easily compromised by thieves."

For the full article:

I have been seeing a lot more 'free range' Divvy bikes lately. 

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And then this, dumped on Wabash and Roosevelt last night. 

I've certainly been seeing some shady activity with Divvys that suggests to me that whoever has the bike isn't in any rush to make it to the next docking station.

Last night I was walking through the Loop and spotted this far-from-home Pace bike. I reported it and got a response saying that someone from Pace picked it up today.

I've seen Pace bikes getting on/off the Red Line at Chicago.

I've got a feeling that might be how this Pace bike got to Clark St.

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Just make sure you return the Divvy to a station somewhere when you're done.

CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) Tweeted:

(Pic from a follower....)

If people are stealing substantial numbers of Divvy bikes, what would happen with truly dockless bikes (without locks)?  I'm highly skeptical that such a system would ever work in Chicago.  A few unscrupulous scrapyards taking them would mean the end.   

They are emptying the docks before the locking mechanisms are changed. A witness saw them remove all Divvy's from North and Wells. Word is now widespread now exactly how this is done. Even I know now.

CWBChicago (@CWBChicago) Tweeted:
North & Wells: "They're trying to steal the @DivvyBikes , rocking the docking station back and forth."
#ThatsNotHowItsDone #ChicagoScanner #Chicago

NBC5 Chicago has 'let the cat out of the bag'.

How to possibly identify if a Divvy bike you see someone riding is stolen. 

“What’s noticeable about the current Divvy thefts is typically they have a spoke on the front wheel that is bent,” said Anthony Guglielmi, a spokesman for the Police Department." 

Comment from today's (7-30-18) Tribune article about stolen Divvy bikes. 

I saw two probable stolen Divvy's today.

Reminder: any stolen Divvy bike that is not recovered is charged to the Chicago taxpayers, not the  corporation that owns the bike-share. 


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