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There is a certain sense of inevitability to e-bikes now.  Slowly, I'm beginning to see some positives.  I will never regard a vehicle that can propel itself with no pedaling at all as as a bicycle.  But I can accept pedal-assisted e-bikes as legit.  It seems that when the bikeshare bikes are electric and pedal-assisted, they are used a lot more frequently, which is overall a good thing.  And for sure, they can be great for older cyclists and people with some physical disabilities.  I do think they should be speed-restricted to lower speeds than they are.  There is no need for 25-mph e-bikes on bike paths and in bike lanes.  I guess that will eventually sort itself out somehow.  I still want to keep full-on scooters exclusively on the roads, and I'm still not bit on the two-wheeled scooters.  Maybe that will evolve as well.

E-bikes taking the lead

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I was behind an electric pedicab trying to cross the LFT river bridge on a crowded Thursday afternoon. This vehicle had turn signals, brake lights, and a LICENSE PLATE!!  Where are we going to draw the line on LFT users??

It had a license plate because, while a tricycle, it is regulated by the department of business affairs and consumer protection. 

Exactly, because they are COMMERCIAL vehicles.  Should we allow commercial vehicles on the LFT?

There are often commercial vehicles on the trail. Beer deliveries, food deliveries, port-o-potty deliveries, etc.


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