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This post is sort of tangentially bike related, only because I was riding around a bike when it happened.  Anyway, I took a trip to the local hardware store yesterday to buy some products and while in route I had to come to a sudden stop at a traffic signal.  The bike with its disk brakes came to an abrupt stop, but my legs did not.  So I have an nice oval pattern of 8 purpelish BMX pedal pin punctures in my right calf.  That being said, I passed a drugstore on the way back home and decided to stop to buy a bottle of hydrogen peroxide to rub out the pedal's stab wounds.  On the way to the cashier station I picked up a bottle of wine to serve with the chicken I was planning to roast for dinner.  At checkout the cashier asked to see my I.D., an unusual request since and I'm in my early 70's and don't look much younger than that, but I obliged (I figured maybe she had gotten into trouble with the manager for selling booze to minors or something and was by go and boy golly going to ask for everyone's I.D.).  But then she flipped it over to the back side and scanned the bar code strip there.  What's up with that??  

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The barcode on the back of the driver's licence contains the same information as what is printed on the front, and it's much harder to fake. Every bar (and apparently every store selling alcoholic beverages) has a scanner, and they are told to card everybody. Including those who are clearly above 21..... 

I agree with Marco.  I'm old and I get carded all the time.  It's routine at many places.

The employees are told to check everybody and their job is not worth using discretion. I can't  blame them.

My wife was once  asked for ID by the bouncer at a bar at  a time when our daughter could  have  produced a valid  ID to get into that bar.  My wife did the  only thing she could think to  do other  than produce the ID. She gave the bouncer a hug and said,"Thank you."



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