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A male cyclist was hit by a driver of a car at Halsted and Roosevelt during the Tuesday evening rush and suffered serious injuries.
A cyclist friend was in the vicinity of Halsted and Roosevelt around 5:30pm, 7-18-17 and viewed part of a car on bike collision. The driver was piloting the vehicle westbound traveling about the speed limit when they hit the southbound cyclist. The cyclist was unconscious and his leg was broken. The driver remained on the scene.The cyclist was alert when paramedics arrived and was taken to a hospital. Does anyone know this cyclist and how he is doing or any other info?

Additional discussion with DNAinfo article:

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I'm surprised to learn that it happened at 5:30.

I rode past there some time after 7:30, and police were still on the scene.

Wishing a speedy recovery for the cyclist.
James, we all are hoping for the full recovery of this cyclist. There still can be serious concerns for a cyclist who is knocked unconscious after a crash even after becoming alert. If you have any witness information it may be best to report it.

He is at Stroger, I am his mom. If anyone witnessed accident and is willing to come forward please let me know. He is alert and oriented, left lower extremity severely affected with both tibia and fibula shattered, other injuries, but sensation to lower extremities. In surgery at present. 

Cheryl, we all are hoping for the best for your son. You might want to check with James to see if he can share any information on this incident.

Hi Cheryl,

I and others have been praying for your son- I live in another state about 500 miles away from Chicago and while I was in IL yesterday and had the misfortune to see this tragic event (along with at least 30 other people who likely saw it live) on my way to Midway Airport, I'm making efforts to make my friends dash cam video available a.s.a.p as it shows the events from start to finish and will hopefully aid the in the determination the reason(s) behind this extremely unfortunate you will see from the video to be made available soon, your son was hit on his LEFT side (at the intersection of Halsted & Roosevelt) as he was headed/pointed in South direction of full view of the driver who was headed WEST along Roosevelt...again while there were may witnesses being interviewed by the Police immediately afterwards, camera's don't lie and will hopefully reveal that which cannot be relied upon by solely by memory alone....

Thank you James. It may be more appropriate for you to communicate with Cheryl in a Chainlink private message (because of legal issues).

I agree with Tom.  Cheryl  and  James should  exchange  e-mail addresses and communicate with each  other.  We all wish  Cheryl's son a good recovery.

thanks for the tip- I don't know much about the law except to obey it and not break it....i feel compelled to ensure that this video is made available (am at work right now, but will meet up with my friend and together afterwards to work towards extracting/uploading the clip by tonight) , b/c while I'm ecstatic to learn that the victim is alive, i'm still bothered/disturbed that something like this can actually happen in real life...I used to bike alot in college, but could never imagine biking in a city as big, (and recently turbulent, unpredictable etc.) and increasingly congested as downtown Chicago and now mainly get around as either a driver or a passenger in a motor vehicle...and driver's IMHO have to be very aware ALL times, of the certain extreme damage they can inflict on pedestrians and cyclists from potential collisions...(as you may concur with me when you see the video) I don't know HOW the driver could NOT see this cyclist (who appeared to have come to a stop just prior to being extremely forcibly hit, resulting in his bike being sprung forward and the cyclists body flying up in the air about 15 feet?) if HE (the car driver) actually had his eyes on the road (or perhaps wasn't in such a damm rush to get to where he was going)...but who am I to cast judgement...will let the video speak for itself...

Yes James, I understand your point. The goal and mission of our cycling community here in Chicago is to make this a safe and viable city for all cyclists' to travel about in. It IS a huge and overwhelming task, but a progressively achievable one.
And also, thank you for coming forward to help in this incident.

leaving work now- to head home, aiming to have video up/available sometime tonight....its amazing how inaccurate our memories (even for recent occurrences can be)- when I had briefly watched the raw video for the 1st time very early this morning (friends dashcam/car was behind the cyclist- with his car headed in the same direction, heading South along Halsted as cyclist was about 20 feet in front of us at the intersection/traffic light @Roosevelt, just before he got hit), the video contrasted the victim/drivers' orientations that I had held in my memory (for a live event not even 12 hours old!) with respect to the I said before and I'll say again- will 'let the video do all the talking....' (and do hope that its used in court if needed- although I'd imagine the city has their own video with that being a very popular/busy intersection?)....

James Alimar, I understand your concern, however the cyclist ran a red light which is a violation according to the rules of the road for Illinois. You chastise the motorist about being in a rush, why was the bicyclist in such a rush?

I ride every day and see this behavior by cyclists all the time, when they get hit by a vehicle they complain. We as cyclists and motorists need to slow down in order to be safe. If we, as cyclists want the respect that we deserve on the road, we must follow the laws just as we expect motorists to do.

If I were on a jury regarding this, I would have to side with the motorist.

With all due respect I actually do see your point and also see how I may have initially taken a one sided (pro-cyclist) stance?...I do however wonder though, if the driver was paying attention to the road herself at all?

At the same time I question why was the cyclist inching further into the intersection on a red light?...

While I can be neither judge or jury, I will continue to pray for this man's recovery and his family's well being, as this matter will surely eventually be settled accordingly in a court of law...


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