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Repost from the CCC FB page, by James Rohaley:

Hi Chicago bikers,
A man was doored by an Uber driver in front of my apartment on Belmont and Broadway at about 8:10pm. My windows were open and I heard the biker yelling at the guy not to leave which is when I ran to grab my phone to photograph the car license plate #. I did get this photo of the car and tried to run after the biker to tell him I got the information but he had already left. Trying to be a good Samaritan and am taking a long shot on this group that could help me find the guy.

Any advice on what I should do?


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Hello PJC JR  - We would be happy to share additional information regarding their recorded bike lane obstruction in our database as well.  Feel free to email us at

Glad we found you! Hope you're doing okay. If you need any additional photos (I have 2 live from my iPhone), let me know.

If you need any help, feel free to reach out. Hope you're feeling better. 

PJC, glad you weren't overly injured. But make sure to go to the doctor and get yourself checked out. Sometimes injury symptoms don't show up immediately.

And yes, *absolutely* report this to Uber. Include your police report, and the Bike Lane Uprising info, too. If you haven't filed a police report yet, do it. They may or may not be responsive (it can vary widely), but you do have the right to a report because a civil violation occurred.

Also file a complaint with the City's department of Business Affairs & Consumer Protection:

(see 'Rideshare complaint', about halfway down on the right).

Hope you heal well!

I've also re-posted the article to the CCC FB page and on my own FB.

Thank you, David!

As for the complaints on that 311 thing... Does that work? I've submitted several about the dangerous cab driving, but never received any answer. Funny, that when I actually got one, it was not to a complaint but to a commendation (when a cabby who happen to be driving the same route as I was, was extremely careful around me).

I've filed reports for potholes, and for dangerous driving by cab drivers. In the case of the potholes, the potholes I reported were filled within a week (I think I've done this twice.) In the case of the cab drivers, I've gotten a response every time. I get a letter from BA&CP that I sign and return. In the cases that I can remember I later received notice that they had been reprimanded, or something to that effect. 

You've been luckier than me, then.

Good job in getting this photo, Serge! And too bad to hear this person has done other things before, like double parking in PBLs. You'd think he be cited, by now.

Again, I've only re-posted James' message, Allan. All credits should be given to him.

Oh, okay. Thanks for correcting that it was from James, and not you.


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