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As a company that values promoting education through travel, helping get people excited about biking, and building a stronger community. We're seeking a non-profit, corporate, or any business that we can connect with to setup a program where we work together in connecting with people who seek the greatest benefit of a bike! We're looking to donate children bikes and giving HUGE discounts on commuter bikes.

If you're interested or know of anyone who would be interested in working with us. Please call, email, or message us to discuss ways we can work together! 

Below is the contact information:

Mark Kowalik, Director of Group Fun

Bobby's Bike Hike - Chicago
Bicycle Tours, Rentals, & Urban Adventures
Direct Phone: 1+(708) 207-7672

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Bike 'n Roses has been issued a Limited Business License at 3448 W. Lawrence Avenue.  I just noticed this today; no further information available.  They may be re-opining soon.  (Still has the old information, tho)

Thanks for letting us know!

Workingbikes...Will pick them up!

The Better Boys Foundation in North Lawndale could usevthemfor BikeLAB


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