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I was going down state street when the car in front of me hit the brakes suddenly… I ended up going through the rear hatchback window… I’m alright although I should have been wearing a helmet. I gave the lady my number I might chip in for a new window I should have been more careful I need to slow it down...

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Ouch! Glad you're okay. It was certainly slick this morning.
wait, you say you "might chip in" for a new window?
damn! sorry to hear that..

do you ride with brakes?
Dude! Did you get checked out by a doctor? I hope you're okay!
I'm actually feeling not to bad... I have a bump on my head and a headache…if it doesn’t go away soon I’ll see a doctor…

I felt bad about hitting her… as we were exchanging info I could tell she felt bad for me and was like do not worry about paying for it but when she finds out how expensive a window cost I’m sure I’ll get a call… I think her insurance would help pay though.

I have brakes on my bike. I wasn’t ridding fixed it was flipped to freewheel… they are repaving State Street so when I went to hit the brakes I slide from all the pebbles... as I slid I locked up the front tire and started to go over the bars when I headplanted into hear rear window… no more state street for me it’s a mess right now
you should sue the city.
o0_dan_0o said:
you should sue the city.
If he was wearing a helmet, he could be this logical :-)

j/k, Adam: glad you're ok. heal up!


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