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A friend is doing research on area cyclists who indulge in energy drinks while riding (PBR doesn't count).

Can I ask you to answer a few questions he has regarding this?

Thanks in advance!


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Only on days when I'm sluggish or the werkend when I feel like going from Humboldt to Rogers park, then downtown. Gotta keep going somehow.
The only beverages I consume while riding are water and Gatorade. I have never used an energy drink while riding, let alone any other time.

I used them when I was biking in Israel and on RAGBRAI. 

Zym and gatorade powder.

energy drinks are bad news. if you're gonna put shit into your system, drink the pbr instead.

Nuun Lemon-Lime or Tri-Berry

Coffee or maybe the occasional Coke or Mt. Dew is the strongest caffeinated drink I can handle.  Those energy drinks make me so jittery I feel like that hyper squirrel from Over the Hedge. 


Does PBR count as an "Energy Drink?"

I'm sort of against those wacky and insane sports drinks, or those sports shots in the Capri-sun like pouch. I'm all for old fashioned water and all-naturale energy.

Thanks for the comments so far! My friend Ethan should be replying back to you soon to see if you want to answer some questions.

When I first got back into biking (15 years ago) I was overweight and found that if I focused on staying hydrated all day and then consumed some coffee or an energy drink before riding (15 mile average, off road, mtb) it dramatically increased the rate at which I lost weight.  I'm not sure what specific study gave me this idea... something like this  

A) It's really important to be fully hydrated before trying this because your going to be able to absorb next to no water after ingesting a diuretic (caffeine) 

B) It's gotta aerobic exercise, so biking in the city probably won't cut it.

C) It's probably terrible for your organs.

These days I stick to water or alcoholic Gatorade(PBR)

Sugar free Red Bull during the weekdays. Redline, then Spike mixed with Four Loko (to get the original formula rush) on the weekends.


i drink coffee at all times and ride bikes to every place

Thanks everybody for your replies!

This is a really cool and engaged community. What a revaluation (Thanks Carl).

I am an private industrial designer working on a project that relates to improving the process of drinking sports drinks while biking. I will start a new feed that is more targeted to that aim.

Thanks Again for all the answers!


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