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I am a grad student testing a new business idea around amenities for bike commuters. If you can, please answer the question:

After biking to work, I would most like: 

A) to shower
B) to change clothes
C) to quickly refresh
D) a space to securely store my bike
E) other (comment below)

Thanks so much for your help! 

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C, or none of the above.

I commute on average 5 times weekly:

After biking to work, I would most like: 

B) to change clothes
C) to quickly refresh
D) a space to securely store my bike (a tricycle)

I didn't know if you wanted to collect data unseen—but could not send a message without a friend-request (sent, which you can ignore as I answered it here). However, if you're thinking about something like the MacDonalds center in the park, it'd be great if more of them existed in different locations downtown.

The McDonald's cycling center is very nice but as you pointed out, its a little removed from most of the business area and although it's near the LFT, getting there is not a very bike friendly experience.

I'm hopeful that once the new downtown bus and bike lanes become more widely used that more cycling centers will become available


D. It'd be nice to have extra space for A-C but there's no replacing a secure spot for a bike (especially if it's inside the building).

D, definitely.

I can make adjustments to allow for A - C, but there is no replacing the peace of mind knowing my bike is secure.

C or none of the above.

I ride Divvy bikes daily between the Metra station and my workplace, so I have no need for bike storage. We have a shower and sinks in the restrooms, but I usually just throw cold water in my face and over my head and figure that's enough.

Locker to keep suits
Indoor bike parking

Pretty much the McD center

Larger lockers and Laundry would be shooting the moon

If you want to start a business for bike commuters then "D) a space to securely store my bike" is the only thing that matters because A thru C is already obtainable through a gym membership.

I don't really understand the question. A bathroom stall works just fine for B and C, and all workplaces have those. D would be the hardest to do without, though, to the point that I'd be very unlikely to take a job at a place where secure bike parking was unavailable. 



Actually, I require A and B while C is nice to have.

My commute is 16 miles, gotta shower/change. A little trip like 5 miles might not require shower/change. Conclusion: non shower/change amenity serves only short commutes, only a small radius of commuters.

Classically, the ground floor space in a downtown building is precious retail space, uneconomical to dedicate to cyclists. Its the parking garages that need to learn to make a business of this.


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