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I've noticed that a number of us primarily use Divvy to get around. I figured I'd create this thread to discuss all things Divvy. Compliments. Complaints. Suggestions. All welcome.

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Anyone notice that Divvy appeared to be down this morning? I arrived at my local station, and the first thing I noticed was that there were only 3 bikes, when there are usually two dozen or more. It's a popular destination in the morning, so something seemed to be amiss. I tried to check out 3 different bikes, but got the dreaded red light on each.

I pulled up the CycleFinder app to check nearby stations, but it was showing 'No data available'. I have to assume the whole system was down.

I checked the Divvy website, but it's nothing but marketing material. Why don't the have a '

System Status' page?

I've gotten a few emails in the last 12 hours and seen some tweets regarding a system outage.

Apparently they did a software update overnight that did no go as planned. The last email was at 9:20 this morning, so they're still having problems. Stay tuned...

How does one get email alerts? I receive periodic emails from Divvy, but I haven't received anything recently.

Why isn't the information about the system outage on their website?

I get the email alerts. Maybe log into the website and see if your email is listed on your "account" page (or whatever it is called)?

Actually, I received an email this afternoon apologizing for the outage. 'Great. Maybe they should consider sending out the email when the outage occurs, rather than after the fact.

I got the first one early in the outage. Maybe you missed earlier ones.

They do a pretty good job of communicating via Twitter. If you're a Divvy member, it's worth following them on Twitter to get updates on things like the current system outage.

No government agency or service should rely on corporate controlled social media. Nor should any citizen who uses these services be required to use social media in order to stay up to date on the status of these services.

As said above, they sent out an email alert about the system being down and another when the system was back online.

(I do think the earliest tweet preceded the first email by at least a couple hours--I imagine when they sent the first tweet they didn't think the problem was going to last long.)

It's funny that I didn't receive the initial email, but did receive the 'All Clear' one later.


While I generally like the service, there are a few things that are rather annoying.

My biggest gripe is that a large percentage of the bikes have faulty gear selectors. It seems that several times a week I get a bike that slips out of gear. This is downright dangerous when you're putting your weight down to accelerate, and the d*mn thing slips out of gear. I'm curious how often the bikes are inspected, and the cabling adjusted. A few times I've docked the bike, and hit the 'Needs Repair' button, but do the Divvy attendants actual pull those bikes and send them to the repair shop, or do they simply look over the bike, visibly see no damage, and put them back into service? I haven't looked, but do the bikes have ID numbers? It would be useful to be able to report an issue for a specific bike.

Speaking of gearing, it's awful. The highest gear doesn't allow one to get up enough speed, and the middle gear is almost useless. It would be nice if the bikes were 10 speeds, but 5 would suffice.

How often do they check the tire inflation? Especially in cold weather, the rolling resistance is awful.

I think they could do a much, much better job of getting the busy stations cleared. During the summer, the station across from the Board of Trade is full 3 or 4 times a week by 8 am. Where are the trucks? There are a number of smaller stations that have the space to add additional racks.


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