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What seat heights do you guys use on Divvy, and how tall are you?

I'm 6'1" and I set the seat height to 9.

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I'm 5'5" and my usual rides are a 51cm road bike and 19" mountain bike. I set my Bixi rides at 5+.

Conveniently, Social Bikes seem to have a fairly similar numbering schema.

I'm hopeful this fun and informal survey includes riders of all heights. Low-rider type cyclists may be hesitant to reveal their number due the biases against compact persons.
The graph shown in this thread even ignores data and photo graphic evidence from our former beloved leader, Julie Hochstadter, that she has ridden Divvy slammed (0)!
As for myself, with my short legs, I've never been considered a taller type so when I approach a bike I can tell if it would fit by it's standover height and how it adjusts to about 90% leg extension.
Since the Divvy is a step-through bike without a top tube I know if the seat is just above belt level it should fit me
If I did ride a Divvy regularly, at 5'10" and 30" inseam my seat height would be around ~5.
Let's update that graph!

I didn't include Julie in the graph because that photo shows her first-ever Divvy, and she couldn't remember what number she uses nowadays.

Really? Then why even show your picture and mention the setting and have it on your blog. She responded here to this survey unsure of the setting. It's no biggie, and like I said this is a fun and informal survey. The data qualifies and should be included in your updated graph. IMO. And in response to what her current setting would be, her leg looks nearly fully extended in the pic. All of us low-riders count. :-)

Alex Z, I hope you don't mind the cafe napkin updated graph.

Love it! :)

I'm 5'10" and set it to 8 or 8.5 usually. Now I am wondering if I have the seat too high.

Tom's graph is the rule of thumb I've always heard, I'm just a bit taller than you and I won't bother adjusting a Divvy if it's set at 8, but through trial and error I've found 7 to be just right - I won't bother adjusting it if it's at 6 either. It is also possible I am just lazy.

Seat height is usually determined by 'standover-height', inseam size and individual comfort choice.
It usually is best if the leg extension is about 85%.

Thanks. Next time I'm with someone I'll have them eyeball this. 



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