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A photo of one of the rental bikes, seen underwater in Lake Michigan, gained some attention on Instagram.

Odd Obsession, a Bucktown video store, posted a photo of the Divvy bike Thursday morning. 

Divvy commented on the post, hoping to track down the sunken bike. 

"Would you mind emailing us at w/ exact location so we can retrieve it? If so, happy to provide you free rides on us," they wrote. "Thank you!"

Around mid-day Thursday, Divvy spokesman Elliott Grenberger said the bike "was locaed at North Avenue beach, facing Oak Street beach" and was "recovered by our team on Tuesday."

Still no word on how it got there.

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Somebody grabbed one that wasn't docked properly and after goofing around on it for a bit, threw it in the lake, or rode it off the edge for kicks. 

That's my theory at least. 

Where is the darned "like" button?!?

It's actually pretty common for them to end up in bodies of water around the city...

This Divvy got in with a bad crowd, received an offer it couldn't refuse,  but did anyway and ended up swimming with the fishes. 

Poor, dirty Divvy

Cyclist was shot and is still at the bottom of the lake. Divvy floating away.


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