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Brad Dworkin, a pedestrian, said cyclists are the ones who need to be more aware.

"They think somehow they are in the suburbs or nothing is going to happen to them," he said. "I guess the warning is be alert if you are a biker in the Loop."

Christine Powell, a driver, also pointed the finger at her two-wheel counterparts.

"It's just like you can't see them sometimes and then they shoot past you so fast on the bike you'll just be scared and you'll slam on your breaks," she said.

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As I love Sci-Fi, it would be nice if at midnight tonight, all cars disappear. If people are driving, the car comes to a stop, and it disappears, leaving driver and passengers sitting on the ground, wondering what happened. In turn, those who kept their cars in a garage, will wake up to a shiny new bike in place of the car they had. No choice in the morning but to ride the bike to wherever they need to go. 

Similar thought goes to people who litter or don't pick up after their dog... middle of the night, the litter or dog poo will vanish from the sidewalk, street, park, etc, and reappear as the filling in their pillow. 

first paragraph sounds fantastic. 

Second paragraph - I am religious about picking up after my dog and hate when other owners leave presents but EW. Gross!

The worst is when it's dark, dog goes #2, I look away to let dog do its business, pick up, and it's cold... it was another dog's poo (gross face emoji).


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