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Merry Christmas all! Took a beautiful winter ride in my town of Lake Bluff today, and want to share that the underpasses of the DPRT are suffering from all the winter rain with some closures. The only one I went by to witness was the underpass at Rte 176. Also, the trail was somewhat waterlogged. Don't try it with a roadbike this time of year;-)

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Yikes - it gets that way over by Schiller Woods, as well. I'm not too adventurous, so there I don't really even consider DPRT most of the time due to flooding and snow.

No surprise there. I'd expect that many low-lying areas may be in the same condition for a while.

Does anyone have a report for path conditions along the North Branch of the Chicago River?  I wouldn't be surprised if some of the underpasses there are underwater.


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