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I don't know if anyone here knew Dr. Peter B. Hales, but I have the sad job of announcing that the much-beloved University of Illinois/Chicago professor, artist, author, bike rider and mean slide guitar player was killed by a motor vehicle this morning while riding near his retirement home in New York.  He was 63.

Peter was a long-time friend of mine.  We rode many happy miles together on the Judson ride and other rides, played in a bluegrass band together, and often shared our love of literature and good writing.  Peter was a wonderful story teller and often missed the break because he was busy chatting at the back of the ride.

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Steve, I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

Heal well.

I didn't know him, but he sounds like an amazing guy. I'm sorry for your loss. 

Thanks Beans and Anne.  Just sitting here at my desk with tears in my eyes.  This snippet of his writing kind of gives one an idea of Peter.

Hello -

Thanks for posting this. I am a former student of Peter's and he used to kind of talk about me in his lectures in class because he knew I was also a cyclist. I was always kind of embarrassed, but really knew that he was doing that to make a connection - like he did with so many of us in so many innovative ways. What a great teacher! What a ball of non-stop motivational energy he was! He changed many of our lives not just with his personality and style of engagement, but with his take on visual culture as well. It was such an amazing experience to be able to chat with him on the Judson ride and on other rides as well. Can't really say enough about him - he really added something to the world and I suspect he will continue to do that even now.


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