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Hi all, 

I have noticed from the past few emails from the community a lot of talk about Cyclocross in the Chicago area. It has piqued my interest. Doing some research online it seems like you can run a MTB for cyclocross so I was thinking of doing a bit of updating to an older Trek I have and diving casually in. I have read up on changing out the tires and some other tweaks to the bike.

I think I have a good handle on bike adjustments, but what about some other things to expect on the course; clothing, weather, hydration, etc. Anyone have any general advise or comments to share?

I am probably looking to do the cyclocross as a more "casual" sort of exercise for the fall and winter. 


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I'm assuming you mean racing cyclocross? If so, you can definitely race on a MTB, just make sure you take off the bar ends if it has them. You'd be starting as a Cat5, which is the beginner category, and those races are 30 minutes long. I wouldn't worry about nutrition for a race that short, just make sure you are hydrated before the start as carrying a water bottle during the race is difficult. Check out for more info. The series runs virtually every weekend until the end of December, with the first race at LaBagh Woods this weekend.
Thanks. I didn't realize the races were so short.
Hehehe. It doesn't feel "short" because it is pretty intense. 30 minutes feels like forever. ;-)

Some people do race with an MTB at first (before buying their CX bike). You may want to attend the clinic and/or a practice if you would like to know what to expect e.g. dismount/remount, barriers, sand, etc. 

We added a lot of the information in the cx 101 and the cx starter kit with links to all of the registration pages. Hope that helps!

Will do. Thanks for the links.


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