Cyclists Go Out on a Training Ride, Ostrich Joins Them. nbd.

Having cyclists to hang with when you go out for a bike/run can be fun. I'm sure that's all the ostrich wants. And maybe to draft for a while. 

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Wow.  That was one large ostrich!

That bird is huge. I guess it's a good thing that they don't fly.

How fast do you figure they're going?

Ostriches can go over 40 mph so most likely this one was doing an easy run at 20+ mph. ;-)

The question is not, how fast can ostriches run ? The question is, how fast can you ride ?

This is HILARIOUS!!!  That ostrich was moving.  I never saw one running before.

While we are on animals who join in bike races. . . .

Lucky for them the ostrich did not seem to have hostile intent! Those talons could rip you open.


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