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Cyclist sues other cyclists for 2013 Lakefront Trail collision


1) Odd to see "robot language" used to describe a bicycle...

2) Seems to me it's going to be a heck of a challenge to prove that the defendants are at fault, unless of course there's a major chunk of details missing from this article...

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Holy sh*t,, that's my doctor.

Were the defendants riding a tandem? Not clear as to how they were riding.

This information was taken directly from the complaint.  Complaints are written in "robot language," as h' says. 

They ask for 50K per defendant because that is the jurisdictional limit of the Law Division in Cook County.  If they ask for less the case is automatically transferred to the Municipal Division.  The common belief is that Law Division judges are more competent and the discovery rules in Law Division are more forgiving.  There is also a belief that some defense firms are given a bit of preference in Municipal Division.  It always cracks me up that the media puts the prayer for relief number in the article because it really doesn't mean much. 

I had one such case where a roadie was riding in an unsafe manner through a crowded spot and he caused a crash which resulted in an injury to my client.  We brought a claim to help the client pay for the medical expenses incurred as a result of the collision. 

Typically, you're looking for homeowner's or renter's general liability coverage from the at-fault party.I assume since the attorney filed suit that there must be insurance.  My experience is that most attorneys won't touch a case if there isn't insurance coverage.

There are major details missing for sure.  The rule of thumb is that you put only enough facts into the complaint as you need to in order to keep the complaint from being dismissed, then you do discovery and see what the witnesses and parties have to say.  If you need to go back and amend the complaint to add new allegations it's not usually a problem as long as you have the correct defendants named in the original complaint.



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