Cyclist Seriously Injured in Blody Collision on the 606 during Tuesday Evening Commute

From Chicagoist:

"A 60-year-old man was seriously injured when he collided with another cyclist on The 606 trail on Tuesday evening.

Two men were both riding bikes on the trail in 2700 block of West Bloomingdale Avenue, near the California trailhead, when they collided at around 5:55 p.m., according to police.

A person who said he witnessed the aftermath posted on Reddit that "there was blood all over the pavement" at the scene. One injured man was "out cold and bleeding" and a second person "was bloodied nearby" and "shaken but standing," according to the post.

Photographer Clayton Hauck on Tuesday evening posted images of what appeared to blood on the trail and bloody garments or towels left behind.

Tribune transportation reporter Mary Wisniewski also saw the aftermath "of a bloody crash" on The 606 Tuesday and said on Twitter that both men were "well enough to sit up in ambulance."

One collision victim, a 23-year-old man, sustained minor injuries and was taken to St. Mary's Hospital. The 60-year-old man suffered serious injuries and was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, according to police."

It was less than ten days ago that I had mentioned on Chainlink that it was only a matter of time before someone riding too fast ran into someone. I hope both are okay and not terribly injured.

What can be done to slow people down on the 606?

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Speed bumps!

Indeed, bound to happen with the congestion and the speeding cyclists.  I've experience excessive speeding cyclists in both directions. Not much can be done short off self-policing.

Frankly, I am suspicious of your definition of excessive speeding.
Ban douche bags from the 606? It's a 3 mile trek, popular for many people and children, who would speed through it other than jerks? There should be signs encouraging civility on both the 606 and the lake front path.

There are! Or at least there was *one*. This was before the recent work adding parkland/reconfiguring the area by Theater on the Lake, I haven't seen if this popped up anywhere since then. Truthfully, its placement was less than optimal as well.

quite honestly those signs should be placed at every entrance to the LFT and at regular intervals along the length of trail; the "trail etiquette" signage also should be large enough to be able to read from the trail without having to get right in front of the sign (i.e. while in motion, whether on foot, bike or rollerblading)

As a faster cyclist, I tend to avoid the trails and stick to the roads. It's the safest way to go. Accidents like this are bound to happen if you're doing 24 mph on a 6 foot wide trail with tons of people on it.

The trails are far too narrow for fast riding. Like you, I stick to the street - it's usually much faster as well.

I could not agree more. I would rather put myself at risk in traffic than risk running over careless pedestrians who are not alert to their surroundings.

I almost got hit by someone speeding and texting on the 606. He also had headphones, so he didn't hear us yelling. Look ma, no hands!

First of all, I wish I got a dollar every time someone says they were "almost hit" by a cyclist. What you are actually saying is that you were NOT hit, but that you have a bias against cyclists that causes you to perceive them as dangerous when they are probably not. Also, the daredevil in your anecdote hardly describes the average cyclist. I am usually more concerned about the safety of pedestrians on the 606 than the pedestrains themselves.

The fact that she's on this site at all makes me assume she doesn't have a bias against cyclists. More likely is one of the dozens of disphit high school kids on aventons with no foot retention wasn't in control of their bike, didn't have any situational awareness, or possibly both. If you've ridden up there at all, especially during busy hours, you know exactly who I'm talking about. I've been "almost hit" by them a few times too and usually its when they're texting or coming into my side of the trail to pass a group of walkers without checking for oncoming traffic.

Relax before you jump down someone's throat. 


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