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Very unusual and very sad.  Compared to trails in suburban Chicago,  the one in Lincoln where this accident happened is both very well maintained and very quiet.

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that life ,
can change,
in a flash.

Very sad news.

that's so unfortunate

Lincoln is a college town, there are bikes everywhere and bike riders in Nebraska have always suffered at the hands of car drivers.

I grew up in west Omaha, Nebraska, riding my bikes all over the then country roads, out to the Platte river and other points elsewhere. I can't tell you how many times I was run/forced off the road, suffered shit thrown at me and endured countless epithets from drivers.

I'm always amused at the level of whining here about the city drivers and the temerity of drivers invading the sanctity of the bike lanes and whatever.  Go ride in Lincoln or Omaha for awhile where there isn't traffic control every block and neighborhood streets are treated as raceways.

Jeff Schneider said:

One Lincoln cyclist has also been killed, and two others injured (one severely) by drivers in the last month alone.  This medium-sized city hasn't had to deal with so much violence against cyclists before.  They are just now discussing ghost bikes, rides of silence, etc., things we in Chicago already know too well.


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