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Disturbing story of a cyclist who was struck and killed by a tour bus on the Mag Mile earlier this evening. RIP.

Update at 10:30 PM: the victim was named as 29 year old Blaine Klingenberg. Condolences to his family and friends.

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This was a Chicago Trolley bus. Didn't this company kill a pedestrian at Michigan and Adams earlier this year?
Updated: this is what I was thinking of.

You may be right, dav. Big vehicle, crowded rush hour traffic plus lousy sightlines and blind spots may have contributed to the tragedy.  The latest Channel 7 video now shows a bright yellow cargo bike as belonging to the deceased, along with yet another age for the cyclist, 29.

I dunno about that, but according to WGN News last night, the dude went through a red light when he was hit.

He's a 29 year old. It's a double-decker bus and he was riding a cargo bike. It looks like he may have been a bike courier. Heartbreaking.

His name is Blaine (Beezy) Klingenberg

Just incredibly sad. He was a bike messenger and well-loved by the community. My thoughts are also with his friends and family. 

This is heartbreaking and points to major issues with Chicago having a lack of dedicated bike lanes downtown to provide safety for bikers who ride on the daily. I think it's all time we stand together as one to ask the city to increase infra and educate people, including drivers and cyclists, how to work with each other. This was an accident, but large buses need to have their own lane to operate and the driver needs to be held accountable for vehicular homicide period.


Unless you have different information than that reported, the accounts of eyewitnesses have Blaine running the red light (with TRAGIC consequences.) How is that this represents homicide on the part of bus driver??

No way would this ever be a homicide. Whether the driver was at fault or not, the driver must be really going through some terrible emotions right now. I know I would if someone died on my watch; I wouldn't wish that on anybody. Tragic all around.

Please please please obey red lights and stop signs boys and girls. I didn't see this happen with my own eyes so I can't say for sure what happened, it's just what the police and witnesses said. What a bummer.

I couldn't agree more.  We cyclists need to obey the traffic law just like any motor vehicles.  Having the rights to be out on the road and adhere to the law go hand in hand.  


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