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i am looking for shoe suggestions. I have tried clip-ins and do not like them. Looking for reasonably priced non clip-in shoes. (under $125)



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I used non-clip Chrome brand shoes for a long time. Obviously, the footbed needs to work for you, but their waterproof, non-clip work boots lasted a long time (2 years) and I rode every day during that time.

Thanks for the info.  Now I need to do some investigation on my part to find the shoes in size 14.

When I'm not riding SPDs, I've long preferred whatever shoes I feel like wearing, on (preferably pinned) BMX pedals. The large platform is friendly to everything, even my beloved boat shoes. 

Maybe I mis-stated my question.  I thought when I said "clip-less" I was referring to shoes that were not attached to the pedals.  I have a pair of shoes now (Bontrager) that do attach to the pedals.  I’m looking for shoes that are not attached at all. 

Any suggestions?



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