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Hello folks, 

I am selling my beautiful All City Space Horse. Rides smooth and handles like a dream, great for gravel, touring, urban riding. Steel is real!

612 select ChroMoly Steel frame

4030 ChroMoly fork 

10 speed Ultegra (12-30t cassette).

Like new, no dents or scratches, barely ridden (less than 500 miles!) $1150.

(Road tires are pictured, but I can swap them out for CX if you prefer) 

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Hello! I am lower the asking price to $1,050

Hi! would you be at all interested in selling just the frameset?

Hi Manuel, if I don't get much interest in the next couple weeks, I would consider selling just the frameset.

Awesome, just keep me posted!

This bike is still for sale and I would consider selling just the frameset. It's a great bike! :)

I have this bike, but I bought the wrong size.  The 55 fits more like a 57 so I need a 52 like this one..  How much for just the frame set?

Hi! Did you ever get this bicycle sold? If not, I am interested. I'm not sure if 52cm is the right size for me, though.
Lowered price: $975

Hi Emily, I posted this to CL's FB. I can't believe someone hasn't snatched it up yet. 

Also interested in the bike if Celeen doesn't buy. Thanks! I'll check back in couple days.

was the bike purchased?

Emily! Can I come try on the bike? I'm super interested.


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