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Am planning on riding to the loop via the LFP tomorrow and seem to recall that the big bend is usually closed when there is snow or ice.

Does anybody know if the trail is currently passable?

Thanks in advance.

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Check the #chilft hashtag on Twitter. You do not even need a Twitter account to see people's posts. There are a number of regular lakefront trail riders who update conditions at the Oak St. curve and other places. It looks like there is ice around the bend you reference.

It was passable on a bike this morning around 9AM (stick close to the wall). There was some ice but also a lot of salt. They were out throwing down more salt as I went by so I suspect the conditions will get better as the day goes on. I also echo the sentiments of P.J.C and suggest doing a twitter search (sort by "Latest") for #chilft as people update with conditions fairly regularly. 

Yeah, it's good aside from the edges.  Even though you'll see some barriers around North Ave it's probably for precaution. Incidentally, I saw a large number of cops (Marine unit) searching for a missing a person in the water today..maybe slipped by the edge?


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