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Court Arraignment for Ryne San Hamel; the Man Charged In the Death of Bobby Cann

For anyone interested in attending a court date as a member of the public in Bobby's case; this is the one to make! This is the hearing in which a judge will be assigned and a large visible presence of Bobby's supporters will make a strong first impression.

Friends and members of the Chicago bicycle community are being strongly encouraged to turn out in a show of support at what will likely be a brief but important hearing in Bobby's case this Friday, August 2nd.

9:30 a.m.
Cook County Courthouse
Branch 66
Room 101
26th and California

PLEASE NOTE: Get there early! Try to be there before 9 to get through security! There's usually quite the line in the morning. Leave bags and cell phones in your car or at home! No cell phones are permitted in the courthouse AT ALL. Keep in mind that delays are possible so allow yourself enough time during and after the hearing to return to work or other prior engagements.

Your presence: I think it goes without saying to dress appropriately for court and be on your best behavior! If you feel you might become visibly upset or can't keep quiet, it might be best to stay home. Outbursts will only hurt the case. If you have a Bobby button or a pin of a bicycle you wish to wear, please wear it. We don't want the judge thinking this is a turnout for the defendant. 

Message me if you have any questions!



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UPDATE! Time change! 9AM Sharp! Arrive early!

This e-mail is to inform you that there is an upcoming court event involving the defendant Ryne Sanhamel and case number 13CR1355001.

A hearing has been scheduled for 5/5/2016 at 10:00 AM. This will take place in Circuit Court 127, located at the following address: 2600 South California Ave, Chicago, IL .

Please be aware that there are often multiple cases set on a particular date in this court. The case you are involved in may not be reached on the scheduled day. You may want to check for updates to this information by periodically calling the VINE service or visiting

For more information, contact the county clerk's office.

Thank you,

Cook County Automated Victim Notification System


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