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Hello all -

New here, just returned from Copenhagen with a group of students, and got totally turned on to biking. Again. I stopped when the kids came; but I'm ready to get rolling again and glad to be here.

A student put together a video of cycling in Copenhagen while we were there, and I'd love to share it. I think it really gives a good perspective on how the ped/bus/bicycle/auto infrastructure is weaved together. Bike lanes are next to sidewalk; much less dooring!

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Nice video. I liked double bridge. All ways wished the lake front path was like that here.
Just came across this article on
copenhagen and bike infrastructure. we should get some of these.

That is the blueprint on how to create a bike infrastructure for a huge city. More biking allows for less space needed for cars to occupy, because there would be less cars on the street.

They really love cruisers and riser bars out there.
Excellent choice of music for the video! It is always fun watching videos/pics of Copenhagen's bicycling infrastructure.
Is it just me, or does this take forrreeeever to load? Perhaps the original resolution is too high?


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