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It already is at the end of the LFP and it causes the 5 second honk as it is why make it worse? The Dearborn bike lane is failure enough.

Dearborn is a mixed bag, but it works fine in most places. Nothing is perfect.

I see a LOT more bike traffic north-south through the Loop since Dearborn was put in. It's encouraged a lot more people to bike commute, and most of them ride reasonably.  The peds...well, don't get me started about them.

I think there is a huge difference between bidirectional lanes which position riders in one direction on the left-hand side of the street (like Dearborn) and contraflow lanes like Ardmore, where riders following the flow of car traffic ride normally and contraflow riders are position on the right side of the street.

I have never observed any excessive honking or more disgruntlement than usual on the Ardmore contraflow lane. But last week I watched from my window a psychopath driver follow a right-way (northbound) rider on Glenwood holding down the horn for probably several minutes straight without interruption, for multiple blocks. Nothing the city does will ever appease people like that.

Just yesterday on two occasions (during the FULL moon), I came upon two fast moving wrong way drivers that shocked and surprised me but I hesitated to sound out to them because, oh I don't know, because it was a full moon happy Friday night !

The Ardmore contraflow lane has generally worked quite well. After many near misses at night with bike ninjas salmoning on the section of Glenwood that is getting the contraflow lane, I welcome the change, as it's likely to be a significant improvement in safety.

I'm really digging the Berteau Greenway contraflow lane as of late. I use it heading east from Wolcott or Damen for an easy connection to Clark St. on my new commute.

A number of cyclists and Chainlinkers attended a public meeting on the Glenwood contraflow lane, and we let the Alderman know how much we support it.

I use Glenwood often going northbound, and have started using it southbound since that meeting.  My experience on Berteau has been great.  I'm looking forward to Glenwood being an official contraflow.

The Redeye is still a thing?

End of the month, moving time, go get some more newspapers to wrap the dishes, and wrap those defrosting stinking fish in the newspapers too, that's all they're good for. Same thing goes with most media outlets today. Journalism and media outlet coverage today has greatly deteriorated in quality. Sad. . . .

I live on a one-way street, and from all the salmoning I see, you don't really need marked lanes to get people to salmon.



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