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Due to a job change, my awesome cycle commute from Southeast Evanston to the Loop has been converted into a far less awesome cycle commute from Southeast Evanston to Deerfield (on Saunders between Deerfield and Lake Cook).  My first ride was last week.  After much research and a few car trips, I settled on Sheridan to Cherry, to Willow, to Old Willow, to Sunset Ridge, to Voltz, to Waukegan, to Walters and then finally Saunders.  The ride wasn't terrible.  However, Sunset  Ridge has no shoulder and there was plenty of high speed traffic at rush hour, which wasn't great.  Saunders is not great either.  Lake Cook is dangerous.  Deerfield isn't great.  Any other suggestions?

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My recommendation. Directions here would be on the way to your new office. I often ride on Glenview Road. Safe and wide. From Glenview Road, turn right (north) on to Lehigh through the Glen. Go left (west) on West Lake to Shermer. Turn right (north) on Shermer untl you get to Walters, and go left (west) on Walters. When you get to Landwehr Road, turn right (north). Take Landwehr Road all the way past Dundee into a business Park. Landwehr will curve into Huehl Road so curve to the north (would be a soft right turn on the way). Take that to Commercial Ave and turn left (west) again. You'll get to Sanders Road, turn right (going north) and that will become Saunders at Lake Cook. All of this should be pretty safe. The only part that could be treacherous is Shermer from Willow to Techny where it's 40-35 mph with four lanes. Traffic on Shermer isn't too bad. Just be aware of the high school traffic at GBN which could include a lot of new drivers. I take the whole right lane through that section to ensure I am seen. Hopefully this is all clear and makes sense!

Matt - Many thanks.  This looks like an interesting alternative.  I'll give it a go this week.  

Gave this route a go this week Matt.  Thanks much for the suggestions.  I liked it better than my route but man I miss my commute into the city...

You are welcome! Glad it worked! I actually go that way often. If you are ever on a non-commute ride you can keep going on Saunders until it becomes Riverwoods. That will take you up to some great roads for riding up north.

Here's one: 

Route was saved successfully. Your route link is:

Ernesto - Thank you.  I hadn't thought of going all the way up to Route 22 given what I assumed would be a substantially increased distance but it appears that route is only a mile longer that my current route.  If I recall correctly, there is a path along Route 22, which is great.  Will give this a go too.  

Try going west earlier. Church  to  North  Branch.  After  you  cross the bridge at  Lake look for a left  turn just before  the  trail crosses Happ Rd.  by New Trier West. This will  have you cross Winnetka and wind up  on Happ. Take Happ as it  winds to Sunset Ridge. Turn Left (counter intuitive) to  get  to  Volz.  Volz/Grant/Lee will have you get to Walters. Walters to  Meadow and  north  to Cherry. Cherry to  Landwhehr which will have you get  across  Dundee.  North to Commercial and West  to Sanders. At  this point you grin an  bear  it on  Sander/Saunders about a mile to your job.  I often ride west after  the viaduct from Commercial to  Sunset to Port  Wine to get  up to Riverwoods but  there is no good way to go back east using that route.

If you really are not  into the North Branch  trail take Church to East  Prairie/McDaniel up to Grant.  Grant to  Central  Park and north to  Wilmette. Go to Glenview and  use that  to get  to  Laramie. Take that past  Loyola to  Illinois to Happ. Left  on  Winnetka to pick up the  route that  is exiting  the  North Branch Trail a block west  of New  Trier  West  right by a fire station.

There are some great ideas here too David.  I hadn't appreciated that Cherry would be good substitute for Walters.  Walters is good just west of downtown Northbrook but then the shoulder narrows to nearly nothing and, notwithstanding the signs advising drivers to share the road, they drive fast and they've never heard of the 3' rule.  Many thanks.


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