So I'm a photographer (who isn't?) But I want to organize a portrait shoot for cyclists who make great fashion statements on their bikes... But before you get any ideas, let's get out of the box and define some terms. A fashion statement can be a lot more that just a cute scarf to set off your accessories. Cycling is a fashion dilemma. How do YOU solve the problem? Some of us ride for exercise, some of us ride out of necessity, and some of us ride to make the world a better place. How does your bike and your apparel reflect your function?? Are you a bad ass racer? Are you a professional that pulls it together in a skirt or a jacket and tie? Are you a billboard to change the world? Its up to you. 

What do you get? For me this is a labor of love, but you'll get to do whatever you want with the pics. I assure you they will be special. 

If you're interested you can see some of my previous work at 

Message me! We'll have some fun and make some *art*

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This should be interesting...

Are you volunteering Skip? 

Not at all. I'm 60. The last time I attempted to make a fashion statement, I think I was perhaps 4. My father made sure I never made any fashion statements in high school. :-) It's just that what one should wear on a bike is a topic that pops up on occasion, often with more heat than light. I wear what works for me. There are no fashion elements in my wardrobe.

Here's a Bike Snob NYC post which contains comments about making fashion statements involving bikes:

I just read it. Interesting. I'm pretty much interested in the lighter more fun side of it, Skip. I like people and I find their aesthetic choices to be interesting. And I would photograph a 60 year old cyclist in a heartbeat. 

I'm happy to help out.  Just spoke about it last Saturday at the women's event.   i'll PM you.

if I am available...I will play along.

I'm not 60 (yet) and according to Michael B Cowboy boots look good on a bike <g>. giddyup

I am interested! Also noticed that you are based in evanston which is not far from Rogers Park.. 

It looks like we have a good start:-) I'll message everyone soon to arrange a time and a place. I might do this regularly at different locations to get some variety. Thanks!!

Happy to help... I think a lot about cycling and fashion, and being a commuter without giving in to lycra. 

Hi IMH. I have a pretty big collection of lycra from my road biking days, but lately it doesn't get much use. I tend to wear a lot of wool... layers and layers of it;-) I'll keep you posted on times and places.

lmh said:

Happy to help... I think a lot about cycling and fashion, and being a commuter without giving in to lycra. 

I am happy to help too--I often wear heels etc while running errands on my bike.

I don't want to speak for Skip but I wonder whether  commuting from Evanston is a bigger reason than age. He could  model for the AARP cycling team.  I have a similar distance to travel and there is a point at which the form and function equation changes. Those with a shorter distance to travel have much wider latitude in choosing their apparel. If I am travelling shorter distances, especially with a destination in mind I mainly dress for my destination. If I am going more than 7-8 miles I am dressing for the trip. The decision is similar to the one I made when purchasing a bike a little over a year ago. I was seriously looking into a dutch style commuter and a guy in a shop told me that the distance I was travelling was much more than the comfortable range of that type of bike. I chose a more functional and less stylish machine. I made a good choice.

Still, I look forward to seeing what you shoot.


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