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Is there a Coffee Outside group in Chicago? For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, in sum, its simply just people biking together and sharing coffee with each other. I know its big in other cities so I’m curious if anyone does this in Chicago.

For more info on what I’m referring to:

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I've been wondering the same thing and would be interested.

yeah, same. maybe we got to start a group.

A mini-stove?! Sounds precious/affected and like way too much effort, FWIW. The recommendation to Instagram the experience confirms my suspicions. What about just carrying a thermos of home-brewed coffee to enjoy in the park, lakefront, forest preserves, or vacant lot??

To each his or her or their own.

There is. I don't know if they still meet up but there was a weekly coffee group that would meet up by the lake (North side) in the morning.

Well equipment probably isn’t so important, rather the idea of meeting up with folks, sharing a cup of coffee and going on a ride. A thermos of coffee brewed at home is suffice and probably most practical. I don’t care much for instagramming things or any of that sort. I was just sharing those to give an idea of what I referring to not necessarily replicating what they mentioned.



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