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Randomness from yesterday/this morning. Watch with subtitles. Don't walk on the bike lane.  

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Pedestrians seem the most  clueless. Most  drivers seem to get it. I  cannot  tell you how  many times I  have yelled, "heads up!" while standing at an  intersection and seeing  a pedestrian wander  into the bike lane. It is amazing how surprised the are. The guy on the skateboard seemed pretty cool, getting out of the way when your light  shined  on him. 

Yes, some pedestrians are clueless. 

Kid on the board heard me coming (speaker mounted on backpack) and let me pass him. I said: If I had a rope, I'd pull you. He snickered. 

Yes, clueless pedestrians are annoying, and if they step off the curb or from behind a parked car with no warning, it can be dangerous for cyclists and themselves. But I have to say, the person you encountered at about 42 seconds had been in view for a long time and there was no reason to have to approach as fast as you were and then slam on the brakes at the last moment. It diminishes the point you are trying to make.

Honestly, I think it exactly highlights the point he was trying to make, which is that he is a tool that thinks it's acceptable to almost cause an accident simply to teach someone a lesson.  Cyclists suck as people sometimes, too.  

Don't get me started on bike commuters who don't stop at red lights or busy 4 way stop intersections. 

Yeah, there was no reason to roll up on the pedestrian so hard; you could have slowed and announced yourself making it a less stressful interaction for BOTH of you.

Yeah, it's annoying when people wander in the bike lane not paying attention but why be aggro about it?

If you act like this on a bike, I'd bet you act like a tool when driving, too.  It's one thing when people step off a curb unannounced, but on a lot of these videos you obviously had time to react, and didn't because you either wanted to teach them a lesson or felt entitled enough that you felt you didn't need to act safe around them and damn the consequences. 

If a person jaywalks, and a car driver could have stopped but hits them, most on here would call for the driver to face an extreme punishment.  If you hit a pedestrian that you had time to react to and could have avoided simply because you think it's cool, I hope the same punishment finds you.

I'm sure you have little care about what I say, but let me assure you that you are part of the problem and not the solution.

Sorry if this put your boxers in a knot. 

When and if I drive (perhaps once a month), I look out for idiots. I drive slow, and I give pedestrians the right of way, where they're supposed to be and cross. I've gotten honked at before for letting pedestrians cross at legit pedestrian crossings. 

If a person jaywalks, that's because they're idiots. Like the guy I saw taking his chances on State and 16th about an hour ago. I was walking (no bicycle) from Mariano's, and I see this guy playing matador with cars. His problem, not mine. He gets hit, I hope he regrets jaywalking. 

Sure, the close calls are close. I scream and yell to make a point. I don't live in a padded room like you seem to do. 

Next time I'll be sure to let you now when I am riding, so when we see a person blindly step on the bike lane and are not paying attention, you can roll out the red carpet at them.

My suggestion to you would be put down the Mountain Dew, and stop treating commuting like it’s an extreme sport.  Trying to teach people lessons and braking at the last moment is sketchy conduct. You riding sketchy doesn’t do the rest of us out on bikes any favors. 

I don't drink Mt. Dew. 

You'll probably want to scold me for walking the cross walk when I have the right to cross the cross walk and cars are running the red light on Michigan over to Oak St.

Shame on me for not liking Mt. Dew and riding on the bike lanes, which have AIDS.

Ernesto...We're all on YOUR side.  We're cyclists too.   We don't want to see you get into trouble.  We aren't scolding or shaming you.   We LIKE many of your head-cam videos...keep 'em coming!

How about reposting the link to that video of your ride out to the forest preserve...and then the trail ride?  One of the best!  


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