Update: Chicago Police Bicycle Patrol Officer Hit by SUV at State and Monroe 4:30pm, 9-6-16


There is current chatter that a Chicago Police Bicycle Patrol Officer is down at State and Monroe St. 4:30pm 9-6-16. He was hit by a SUV while responding to a fight. The Bicycle Patrol officer was trying to reach the scene promptly while traveling against traffic. His condition is currently unknown.

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Initial unconfirmed reports state that the Bike Patrol Officer is in good condition and will recover. Will update.

Article says that the driver of the SUV was ARRESTED.  Pretty sharp contrast with the recent cases where truck drivers killed cyclists who were riding legally and received only a traffic ticket.

Several years ago, my wife was run over by a guy in a minivan in a road rage incident. I believe it was on purpose. He couldn't drive away because my wife's crushed bike frame pierced his gas tank as he dragged her. He was ticketed with failure to yield to a pedestrian and was later fined a whopping total of $50, even though he was driving without insurance. My wife got yelled at in traffic court for taking to long to tell her side of the story. The judge had continued the case three times because the guy "forgot" his paperwork the first two court dates. So my wife and I each had to take three days off work till we got to appear in front of the traffic court judge and 60 seconds of her explanation was too long for the judge to suffer through. It's criminal the way the system "works."  

do you recall the name of the judge?

Wow this is like one of those logic puzzles 

The cyclist is always at fault but the cop never is 

Good points from both of you. But to be fair the article says, "the driver was taken into custody, according to witnesses."

Custody doesn't necessarily mean that the driver was charged, (arrested) for any offences (yet). The driver was probably held for hours while authorities sorted things out.

Yes, there is a contrast here in this incident, but of course it is considered a police emergency in response to a crime in progress.

Do police bikes have flashers or horns or any other warning signals?  I've never noticed any, but then the police bikes I've seen weren't engaged in a pursuit.

Yes, the Chicago Police Bike Patrol has bright blue flashing lights and loud enough sirens.

Yes, they do. Their lights are quite visible and their sirens are loud. We see and hear them on State St. quite often when responding to incidents. Due to Loop traffic congestion, it's not unusual for first responders with lights and sirens on to be forced into the wrong lane to reach their destination. That's another thing I see often on and near State St.

Police were responding to an incident where several teen boys were severely beating another teen boy on the sidewalk.

Yep, it's back to school time!

Chicagoist says that the officer was hit while making a U-turn.



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