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I was looking at the NBC Info tab and ended up here:

They mention "And we have something special cooking to be released later this year... We've had feedback that some clubs/groups are really wanting to unite all their members into one team and compete against others."

Looks like there's ongoing development in the works for features that were in place last year, but didn't quite get finished yet for this year.

OK. Thanks, Jim. I rejoined and there are four of us on there now. Seems like more trouble than its worth now that they have reduced it to May only. Because of my busy Spring seasonal work, and summer vacation, I usually don't even hit my biking stride until August. This might be my last year to enter it.

I've had a busy week but plan to connect with my old contacts to see if I can learn more about it. I thought it was through Sept. and thought I saw a description that stated it was so I want to check with them to see what's going on. 

That just makes no sense! Ugh!

Jon, looks like they've changed things a bit, here's some text from a description of the challenge this year:

"From May through September, we have leaderboards, prizes and two more focussed month-long challenges - one for social teams in May, and the other for workplaces in September."

The social team thing that's going on right now is weighted pretty heavily towards "encourager" points it seems. And it looks like our 'team' is in a 'pool' instead of 'competing' with all teams. 

Whatever is going on, it was great fun getting pushed by a 20mph mostly tailwind into work this morning!

Unfortunately, I kinda felt like my feedback wasn't really absorbed. :-/

I wish they ran it the same way they've done it before because that allowed for team size flexibility and more participation. Just my own thoughts. Here's what they said:

Thanks for the feedback and sorry about your disappointment! We've created two videos to explain the new rules: and
The 8 rider cap per teams is what we've found to be the sweet spot for making the challenge fun and accessible. Every rider can make a difference and feel compelled to contribute to their team because their rides will make a difference.

We have done some updates to the format based on the feedback we've received - and the individual leaderboards will continue throughout the riding season May - September. Finally in September we have the workplace challenge, which is similar to earlier challenges. We have tried to make the sign-up process as simple as possible and the Challenge is also running on a dedicated platform (run by Love to Ride) with three web developers and a support team attached to ensure everything runs smoothly.

If you have any questions then you're welcome to write and we will see what we can do for you.

Happy cycling,

National Bike Challenge starts tomorrow, May 1st.  Where's the Chainlink team?  They did change it this year for there to be no limit on team size and you can join multiple teams.

one sec, I'll go sign us up! Thanks for being on top of this. I have been so busy at work for months now that everything else has been a bit of a challenge...

Hi Yasmeen. My post that you are replying to is a year old, but coincidentally, the 2019 National Bike Challenge starts tomorrow 5/1/19. I don't know if they allow teams like the Chainlink anymore, or just teams from businesses. If there is a Chainlink team, please count me in.

Thanks and YES! They let us create a club so I did. See the link above (I changed your message, updating it for 2019). Thanks again! See you on the club page!

Hey! You're invited to join The Chainlink on Love to Ride. Check it out and join here:

Our club for 2019! Woot! Sign up now!


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