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Chainlink forum here vs Chainlink fb "forum" (posts/comments to fb page)

After some time perusing the facebook page for the Chainlink, vs the time I've spent here, I have to say I like the personalities here a lot better. 

Some of the people posting on the facebook page seem to be a little further towards the "youtube commenter" or Trump voter end of the spectrum. Not a lot, but it just feels less like a "community" than the forum here, and I see more of the mean spirited types on the fb page vs here (again, certainly not the majority, but more than I see here).

Anyone else peruse both and lean towards one or the other? I realize I may be preaching to the choir here and asking a biased population, but put another way: why do you lean towards one page vs the other, assuming you have a preference?

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Funny you mention this. The Chainlink on FB does have an active audience and usually aside from a few random posts, it doesn't have the people you are describing. I was wondering what in the world is going on with these nasty people showing up and making some pretty ugly comments. I had a woman tell me to "stfu" (and of course, then said she didn't). The woman accused me and my kind as "murderers of babies in the womb" (because I don't want TdF podium girls) so she was an easy person to ban at that point. And that guy today. He was pretty awful.

I always have this debate of when to ban people. I try to keep it more along the lines when they are making it personal and getting nasty with the name-calling but some are just miserable to be around. Idk, you have a POV about it, please share. I'm a bit at a loss for a solution. I usually see a lot of cool people with a few bad apples but yeah, lately I seem to have caught one to many Trumpies in the CL net. 

Anytime you're dealing with large numbers of people, there's always going to be a few outliers. Don't give the fire oxygen, ignore difficult people and they will go away. I can't even count the number of times I've been called an "ambulance chaser" or worse. I know it couldn't be farther from the truth and just try and let it go. 

I mostly agree, but that "Move to Indy" turkey that seems to somehow comment on *every* discussion about Chicago, grrr...

That guy is the worst.

Facebook and Twitter to me seem to be mostly horrible places.  A little while ago I decided that they bring me no joy so I have really cut back on my engagement there.  Thanks for posting something that I was thinking.


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