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I used to see the guy with the locks riding down Milwaukee often on a tallbike. Dude stands out!

The tall bikes are a bit of a scramble to get up and down but after a bit of practice, not a big deal.  The view up there is excellent, you can see all the cars, traffic and everything so in that regard they are great and the perch and view feels incredibly safe. 

The scary part is knowing that if you get doored, knocked down or get into an accident that extra 6 feet of falling height is going to make for a much, much longer stay in the hospital so unless it's on a closed course I have to take a pass on those bikes.

There was the guy who did about half of the ride from Cairo to Cape Town on an improvised tallbike after his frame cracked:

I don't think it's the same guy but similar,

I could never be a tall bike rider.  Mainly because I can't seem to grow much hair, and I could never grow a mustache as elegant as Bobby here.

You have more time to figure out hitting the ground; I think you can be better off wiping out on a tallbike.

Time for some weirdness and a tall bike video(10:51).


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