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CBS's Dave Savini looks into hazards for cyclists on the news...

...and then Rob Johnson basically dismisses it with a seriously messed up last word. WTH?

Great research and story, though - kudos to Dave Savini and the producers for getting this information out there. 

20 tickets all year??!?!?! We have got to get some more enforcement happening!

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Too bad I didn't get a shot of the CBS 2 van parked in the bike lane in front of 1850 W. Roosevelt (The Chicago Lighthouse) when they filmed a piece there several weeks ago, he could asked Jim Williams's driver why he parked in the BL.

Nice. :D

Dave Savini posted this yesterday video of a cyclist getting hit on Armitage yesterday. Hope he's OK and at least a ticket was issued to the driver.

I hope the driver got a ticket. That doesn't happen often enough.

Best wishes for a good recovery to the unknown cyclist.

My favorite part of the piece was that he went after the postal trucks that are constantly parked in the newish "protected" lane on Washington in full view of the CBS studio.  He even contacted USPS and asked what they intend to do about it.  Turns out that they didn't intend to do anything.  Three weeks after the report aired, plenty of postal trucks still park in that lane (among others).


This morning, two postal trucks were parked in a staggered fashion in the mouth of the Washington lane at Wacker.  Because it's not enough for them to block the entire bike lane with one postal truck, they also have to park a second truck in a manner that makes it very difficult to ride around the first truck.



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