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Write your caption for one of these photos and win, um...accolades on this thread!

I know many of you also saw this entertaining sight on your afternoon commute.  Never a dull moment on the Lakefront Trail. 



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cautionary tale - why the driver shouldn't take LSD before attempting to drive on LSD.

Just blockage on the Bike Path.  Move along.  Nothing new to see here...

Yesterday I passed through there going south right before that tow truck hooked up.  I asked whom I assumed was the driver of the panel truck how it got there and he just laughed at me.

Coming north from Promontory Point, the truck and the tow were still there on the west side of the path.

Dayum GPS...


Chris C said:


Garmin message:


Moving to a new city can be confusing when looking for a service road to my lakefront apartment's loading dock...

"I drove off the road, or else I hit the cyclist. And they blame me for this!? I did my part man, I shouted "on your left!", are not they supposed to get out of my way when they hear that, is not it how it works ???"

He probably saw a hot chick in a bikini and ran off the road!

Driver's conversation with the CPD bike cop in pic two, as soon as she made it around to the North end of the truck.

Yes officer write the citation, here's my National security clearance.  No officer you don't have authorization or clearance to view the squad of amphibious Murpeople in the back.

Yes that's it their being deployed for the NATO summit.  Yes I was behind schedule and thought I could make up some time reaching the release zone.  No officer I can't get a picture for you.  ;

Car culture has finally caught up to the beach combers and sand castle enthusiasts.  Now we can dig holes on the beach and admire the view without having to leave the comfort and safety of our car.

it was warm enough that day.

Steve said:

He probably saw a hot chick in a bikini and ran off the road!

Garmin: Do you want to trust us, or your lyin eyes?



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