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A while back, I learned that Beverly's July 18 criterium race would be part of the Prairie State Cycling Series for the first time.  I just learned from a friend who is part of our neighborhood host group that there will be another big change this year.

The event will include TWO races: Cat. 1 & 2 women and Cat. 1 & 2 men.  Check back for more details in the coming weeks.

The festival area at the 107th & Longwood start/finish features food and drink by neighborhood favorites including Rainbow Cone and Argus Brewery.  There will be live music - band TBA.

If folks are interested in coming down early, I'd be happy to give a scenic tour of Beverly and Morgan Park.  If you've never ridden here, you're in for a treat.  Traffic is light on most neighborhood streets, and the scenery is beautiful.  It's a great place to watch an evening of exciting racing action.  

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Hey Ann, thanks for the great news.  I'm thrilled they finally added a women's race. See you there!

Jen - I thought you'd be excited to hear that news.


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