This is just a reminder that this Friday during the NSCM we are having a guest speaker talking about Bike Safety and other things that will help us to ride and enjoy ourselves without getting hurt. Tony and I were doing the pre-ride of the map for Friday and were on our way home. Unfortunately I took off before he did and I was a block away and made a right hand turn on Gregory by the Jewel on Clark. I stopped and noticed he wasn't behind me. I turned back and started riding south bound where I saw another biker standing facing south on the northbound lane and other people around someone. I looked over and saw Tony laying on the street holding his shoulder.
I was really upset and when I saw blood on his shirt I was more mad at myself for not waiting up for him.
There was a parked Chevy Suburban and the man driving was apologizing because he didn't look before he opened his door causing Tony to hit his right shoulder and his front wheel ride upward while he fell back. The paramedics came and took him to ER where he had x-rays and we are going to visit the Ortho tomorrow with the x-rays. They said he has a Acromioclavicular seperation and we will need to see the Ortho to see if he will need surgery. He is in a lot of pain but I am taking good care of him. He says the Doc took away his wheels....LOL. Well he will be out of his wheels for a least 2-3 weeks and we will know more after seeing the Ortho Doc. His arm is in a sling and has to be immobolized. This is why it's important for all bikers to come out and get great, free information on bike safety. It seems that within the last couple of months we've heard about quite a few accident involving our fellow chainlinkers. We want everyone to ride and be safe! Come on out to the NSCM and give your input on what you are facing as a rider and get free tips on how to be able to deal with some of these issues.Some of these tips could save a life. See you guys on the rode!

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:( Hope your shoulder heals up quickly, Tony!

Did the cops come by and ticket the guy who threw his door open?
Feel better!!!! ;-)

The police came and made out a report but I was in the ambulance with Tony and I am not sure if he got a ticket. The only good thing is that the driver did immediately say he was fumbling for change to feed the meter and didn't even look out of his window and his side view mirrow was closed in when he opened the door.

Tank-Ridin' Ryan said:
:( Hope your shoulder heals up quickly, Tony!

Did the cops come by and ticket the guy who threw his door open?
Thanks Gabe,

I've given him 2 Vicodens and he's still complaining about pain. I guess we won't be sleeping tonight~and it won't be because we are doing the wild thing! LOL
Hope to see you Friday at NSCM ride.

Gabe said:
Feel better!!!! ;-)
One more Vicodin and do the wild thing anyway! ;-)
Best wishes for a speedy recovery!
we'll keep good thoughts for you guys.
Sorry to hear, hope the shoulder heals well. I had a shoulder separation at the beginning of July when a car pulled out in front of me at an intersection causing me to run into it. I was off the bike for about 4 weeks, mostly because though the shoulder felt fine most of the time, there were still some movements that caused a lot of pain, and I didn't want to risk re-injury. But I am now happily riding again. Good luck with the Ortho, hope surgery is not needed.

Make sure to notify your insurance company that a police report was made- my health insurance wanted to know if someone else should be footing the medical bills. If the police found the driver at fault, that person's insurance should at least cover your deductibles, plus any damage to the bike (take the bike in to a shop for evaluation too, you never know what might be damaged- I ended up with a toasted fork that had to be replaced, it looked fine but was bent at the steerer tube)
OH NO! Tony, heal up fast and I am sorry you got hurt, but thank goodness it was not more serious and that you have Marlene to help you mend up!

Anyone got a recumbant for Tony to borrow?

It is good to hear about a driver at least taking some responsibility for their f-up after hearing recently about so many hit-and-runs lately. Still a terrible thing, but at least you didn't end up dealing with a responsibility-dodging jerk on top of it all.

Cheers and be well you two! - Lee Diamond
this really stinks - so sorry to read this.
hang in there and ask for help - we can all help out as needed.

as long as we're on the subject :
I'd like to know what others do to anticipate a door.

Here is what I look out for :

flashers on

brake lights on

car up ahead just pulls into spot

(sometimes) I look for a head above the seat - a sign that the door could open soon
(sometimes) If I think there may be a door about to open : I will point to the car with my right hand :
this may get their attention better and it alerts cars (and fellow cyclists)n behind that I am moving
out of the 'door zone' (to the left). Usuall a car will not hassle me when I do that...
Oh man, Tony! I hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm really sorry to hear that this happened. But you have a good woman taking care of you. :-)

P.S. Marlene--PM me your address and I can get those bars/stem shipped your way. The movers packed them and I just unearthed them!
I hope Tony makes a fast recovery.

Dooring is certainly one of the scariest types of bicycle accidents. I've written about it on my blog:

Stay safe everyone!


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