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blind bicycle enthusiast Rudy Winfrey is in need of a tandem captain for this Sunday's BIKE THE DRIVE.  

best way to contact/confirm is calling Rudy at work early day job (6am-2:30pm), 

work:  (312) 746-6583

cell:  (773) 742-5782

I'll update this thread when I hear back that Rudy is all set.  thanks,

Ken Mick 


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Rudy's a strong rider and a good guy. If I wasn't already ride marshaling, I'd be all over this.

Riding with Rudy can actually lead you to RAGBRAI.  Possibility Rudy may help cover BTD entry fee.  Would be all over this if I didn't have to work Sunday.


I can provide a pass for the cyclist that rides with him. 

Too bad that I'm volunteering Sunday. I have a road tandem that I'd be willing to lend out if needed. Pickup would be in Edgewater near the Bryn Mawr rest stop
Tandem fits a 5'6" to 6'2" captain. Stoker would have to be 5'6" or under

I just gave him a call, looks like we are going to be a team on Sunday. :) He is going to give me a call back once he is done with work and we will work out the details.

Do I need to do anything to register officially, Ken? My number is 208.206.6709.

That's awesome. I will send you a free pass code in an hour or so (I'm away from the office right now) Thanks!!



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